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First radio interview

Today was my first formal interview – I prepared by spending the day with Jesus and taking the day off work. I prayed and read my bible and read thru some notes throughout the day. I tried to drink lots of water and even used some of my Young Living oils (valor, frankincense, brain power, & clarity). I asked for lots of prayer and thankfully many of my friends followed thru. I feel that I write better than I speak so I knew I was gonna need reinforcement!

The fun part of the day came when I worshipped The Lord and sang praises as my favorite songs played on my iPod. I flipped open my bible randomly knowing that wherever it landed was where God would speak directly to me … And I was right. I landed in 1 Cor 1-2 and my bible had been written in from when I’ve visited this page before, though I don’t know when, since I have several bibles and this happened to be one I used a lot many many years ago before the words BUT GOD did not mean as much as they do now.

My eyes landed on a certain verse that had my name written above it- a But God verse! 1 Cor 2:10 – here I was about to talk about the But God book later today and The Lord reminded me that He revealed wisdom to me which He gave me thru His Spirit. Earlier in 1 Cor 2:4 I felt I related to Paul in that I was not going to be able to talk with persuasive speech full of wisdom but speak with whatever power the Spirit was going to give me. I was going to be myself and hope in my weakness God would use it for the best.

I was blessed to be given access to my friends house for the phone interview and had the house to myself so there were no kids in the background or dogs barking. I made myself some hot chocolate and took some sips and some deep breaths.

The radio program is called Lifeline with Craig Roberts on KFAX. The engineer called me on my friend’s landline and I was on hold listening to the program for about 5 minutes and praying. It was time for my segment to begin and I felt The Lord help calm my nerves and answer the questions – I was pleased with how the first segment went and then we went to a commercial break and the second segment began. I wish I could redo this part and answer those questions better and more direct – there was so much to remember in the book and I got stuck in run-on sentences and random information. I forgot for a moment my friend’s advice- less is more – ugh! Thank goodness Craig was gracious to me and helped me out. Well, hopefully God will edit my words entering people’s ears so they can follow along. Craig was able to help me end the interview well and then it was over.

For those interested my segment begins at minute 46- here is the link to get to the podcast for May 22, 2014.


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