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Satan must be furious

So today i woke up early to Aaron on the floor with back pain and needing my help to get him an ice pack. This is day 2 of pain and he had to call off work today. I put some young living oils on him and he felt some relief. When I came back from dropping the kiddos off at school he was cleaning the garage as our water heater blew up while I was gone, pouring water onto all the walls and floor. He said he told The Lord that the book must be causing some waves spiritually and is hoping the Lord will use it mightily. In all this we laughed and though we didn’t want to have to spend $1000 on a new water heater right before the end of the year, we are grateful we had it saved so we could. I cancelled all the enemies assignments planned against us and my loved ones, satan will not steal my joy, for the joy of The Lord is my strength and my shield!

I’ve obviously made the enemy mad. I’ve exposed his lies, his schemes, his plans. I’ve explained his fate and the tricks he plays to try and bring you down with him or keep you in bondage so you will suffer. satan has no where to hide and his games are now laughable – he is embarrassed and a not a threat to our God!

How has the enemy tried to rob you of your joy? Did you let him or did you cancel his assignments against you? Don’t let him steal your joy!

BUT GOD #75 Ps 37:12-13 The Message Bible

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