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New year resolutions

So I am almost a month into studying/reading about rebuilding my walls and becoming the real me God intended ( Jack Hayford’s book on Nehemiah). I don’t know that I have actually listed the resolutions I have been working on but I thought I would today. Its interesting timing that I am now reading this book as it has helped me clarify them a bit more. I am trying to reflect God’s character along with all that I have learned from the last 4 years studying all that Jesus showed me in my own But God Bible Study. I decided that I should have a list to refer to since I have been working on these things in my head for a while, but now I am actually seeing progress so I thought I would document at least the starting point. I have been working on 8 things but I may add to it. I find i don’t have time to worry about other people’s issues they need to fix because trying to fix myself keeps me busy enough!

1-I have been trying to be less busy- leaving more time for family to do the activities they choose
2-I have been slowly but surely letting go of Nicole as she is becoming more independent
3-I have been talking less so as not to ramble. i want to make sure my words have weight and that I have something meaningful to contribute
4-I am trying to do what aaron asks of me the first time to honor his request – more difficult than I thought
5- I am adding number 4 to include my parents – I want my kids to see that just because I don’t live with my mom and dad doesn’t mean their requests are of no value
6- asking less questions by trying to condense what I really want to know into just one or two
7- putting my iPhone away when in the company of my family in the car or while having discussions – this is super hard because when there is down time and no one is talking it is so tempting to pick up and check on stuff
8- trying to make healthier choices for me and the family: eating less junk/ using vitamins,oils, organic, natural alternatives or other healthier items for household and daily living / exercise

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