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Press Release

New Book Published entitled “But God” by Tina Miller
Book Release Party held at Mimi’s Cafe in Rancho Cucamonga, Saturday, 11/16/13 from 10am-12pm

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – November 15, 2013 – ‘But God’ is a popular saying by many people to show the intervention of God in their circumstances. This new book explains the significance behind these 2 small words.

This book details the verses in the Bible where the phrase “But God” is referenced. The context of the verse is explained to better comprehend the depth of the circumstances involved. As the stories of the Old Testament are revealed, the reader becomes aware of the hope that is found despite their situations.

Noah endured the flood for over a month, BUT GOD remembered him. Abraham and Sarah were very old, BUT GOD promised them a son. Moses didn’t know how to get the Israelites released from Egypt, BUT GOD gave him the plans. Jacob, Joseph, Samson, David, Jeremiah, Job, and Jonah were just a few others who experienced BUT GOD moments in their lives. Many of us have them as well as God’s characteristics are unchanging and He desires to step into our lives to help and bring us closer to Him.

“But God” can be purchased wherever books are sold and is published by WestBow Press

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